Reactions to Anna Goldsworthy’s Quarterly Essay: Introduction

Reactions to Anna Goldsworthy’s Quarterly Essay: Introduction

Unfinished Business: Sex, Freedom and Misogyny by Anna Goldsworthy (Quarterly Essay #50)Book Thingo will be hosting a series of guest posts from readers sharing their thoughts on Anna Goldsworthy’s Quarterly Essay.

In her Quarterly Essay, Unfinished Business: Sex, Freedom and Misogyny, Anna Goldsworth writes, among other things, about the messages that books such as Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey convey to female readers. It’s always of interest to me when romance(ish) books are included in conversations around gender politics, and a quick glance through the essay showed that Goldsworthy talks quite a bit about Fifty Shades of Grey and pornography.

I’m interested to know what romance readers might take away from the essay, so I offered copies of the essay to several readers in exchange for their reactions. In the coming weeks Book Thingo will be running a series of posts featuring reactions from various readers. Not all of them read romance fiction extensively, but all are genre fiction readers and have at least a passing knowledge of the romance genre.

So watch this space, and I look forward to the ensuing conversations. And if you’ve read the essay, I’d also love to know what you thought of Goldsworthy’s arguments!

Reactions to Anna Goldsworthy’s Quarterly Essay (to be updated as posts go up):

1. Introduction
2. Women are still fighting to tell their stories in first person (Jodi McAlister)
3. I wanted to whisper, ‘Intersectional analysis is your friend.’ (Jessica, Read React Review)
4. The dismissal of female subjectivity pervades even our fiction (Nyssa Harkness)

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