RECAP: Jayne Ann Krentz Signing at Bowery Lane

RECAP: Jayne Ann Krentz Signing at Bowery Lane
Photo credit: Marc Von Borstel

A recap of Jayne Ann Krentz’s Sydney signing in November at Bowery Lane. Krentz also writes as Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle.

The Australian Romance Readers Association contacted Jayne Ann KrentzF | W ] about the possibility of including her in events in Australia and she told them that she was coming to Australia as part of a cruise, so ARRA lined up a series of events to suit her itinerary.

I wasn’t able to go to the high tea at Bowery Lane in Sydney, but I was there at the signing afterwards. Among the people I saw there was a lady who brought all her hardcovers in carry-on luggage, outdone by someone who brought her entire collection in a suitcase, in four stacks from top to bottom. My store was near the venue, so I brought the books we had on hand and was easily outclassed by these ladies. We cycled through the queue several times and, to her credit, Jayne signed everything we put in front of her.

She was really gracious about seeing the same faces over and over again with more books to sign, and she always checks the cover or title page to see which name she will be signing under.

Shannon Curtis and Jayne Ann Krentz - Photo by Helen Sibbritt
Photo credit: Helen Sibbritt

Although she has been releasing futuristic paranormal, historical and romantic suspense for over 20 years, I have only read Amaryllis [ BT | Amz | iT ] so I asked people around me which of her books they would recommend to a first time reader. The obvious answer for many people was ‘it depends on what you like’, which is fair enough since she writes across three romantic subgenres. Since other people gave me their favourites, I started asking about that instead.

Ravished [ BT | Amz | iT ] by Amanda Quick was the most popular choice, with honourable mentions to Seduction [ BT | Amz | iT ] and Scandal [ BT | Amz | iT ], also Quick titles, as well as Trust Me [ BT | Amz | iT ], published under her own name.

While I was in line, there was some debate as to whether she would continue the Arcane series, so I asked her when it was my turn. She doesn’t think so, but ‘never say never’.

When she isn’t writing, Krentz likes to read Christina DoddElizabeth Lowell, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and is getting into lady sleuth series, such as Deanna Raybourn (I think she was referring to the Veronica Speedwell Mysteries) and A Study in Scarlet Women [ BT | Amz | iT ] by Sherry Thomas.

Next year, we can expect to see the release of the sequel to When All the Girls Have Gone [ BT | Amz | iT ]. Promise Not to Tell [ BT | Amz | iT ] is due in January, and she is currently working on the third book in this series. Under Amanda Quick, she will also publish The Other Lady Vanishes [ BT | Amz | iT ], following on from The Girl Who Knew Too Much [ BT | Amz | iT ].

Maggie Nash and Jennifer Brassel - Photo by Helen Sibbritt
Photo credit: Helen Sibbritt

Krentz was accompanied by Shannon CurtisMaggie Nash and Jennifer Brassel, all signing books, but I spent too much time queueing up for Krentz to have much interaction with them. Well, there was some interaction with Shannon Curtis after the event … but that’s for another post.

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  1. Kat says:

    Ooh, thank you! I bought Ravished, but I might try her new release. It’s always interesting to see how the writing has changed over time (or not).

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