#Shelfie Sunday: Size matters

#Shelfie Sunday: Size matters

2016 #Shelfie Sunday (Graphic: Unsplashed via Canva.com)
A curated cornucopia of literary lasciviousness from the bookstagram. Happy endings are optional.

This time capsule remarkably survived the burning of the Garden Palace in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden on 22 September 1882. Fires raged for just over three hours, totally destroying this once magnificent structure built just three years earlier for the historic opening of the Sydney International Exhibition. The time capsule will go on display for the first time in our Amaze Gallery today, along with other rare and wonderful Garden Palace-related items from the Library’s collection. This coincides with Jonathan Jones’s major installation barrangal dyara (skin and bones) @rbgsydney @kaldorpublicart Stuffed with newspapers of the day, the time capsule was souvenired by Edward C Fallick while contractors were demolishing the ruins of the building. The Library only discovered it had survived when the Fallick family donated the artefact in 1954. For more information, search Garden Palace on our website www.sl.nsw.gov.au #statelibrary #statelibraryofnsw #mitchelllibrary #library #archive #collection #amazegallery #royalbotanicgardensydney #rgbsydney #gardenpalace #timecapsule #sydney #jonathanjones #barrangaldyara

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Where was this book when I was in high school, I ask you???

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This incredibly #rare 1564 book may be small enough to fit in your pocket, but it inspired arguably the greatest (and shortest!) love story of all time! Romeo and Juliet anyone! The Library has just acquired one of only three copies known to exist! It features a collection of stories by Italian author Matteo Bandello, including a tale of ill-fated young lovers! Shakespeare drew inspiration from an English translation of Bandello’s story to create the tragic love story we are all familiar with today. The play has been performed for over 400 years, and has not been out of print since it was first published in 1623. This beautiful little book is now on display in the #Amaze gallery, alongside the Shakespeare’s #FirstFolio 1623. #shakespeare400 #shakespeare #romeoandjuliet #bard #theatre #rarebooks #literature #sydney #statelibrary #statelibrarynsw #mitchelllibrary #lovestory #younglove #starcrossedlovers #tragedy #love #MatteoBandello

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The tiniest of #tinybooks! There is a standard sized slide for reference — the book is about the size of a nickel.

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Just some light New Years Day reading #giantbooks #littlenemo #sundaypress

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Hanging out at the library with this little one today #library #nannylife #uwm #giantbooks

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Just a light read #ponies#horses#giantbooks

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First shot of many from the professional photographer! ? Credit: @earthslice_creative

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crushed #whereswally #giantbooks #mandatorypose #taipei #exhibitions

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Giant books decorate the street in a London-themed town in Shanghai

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Graphic: Unsplash via Canva.com

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