Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison

Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison
Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison (Elder Races, Book 2)
Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison (Elder Races, Book 2)

My new auto-buy author. Even if the hero had turned out to be a wimpy web-footed shapeshifter from outer space whose non-human form was even weirder looking I’d probably still buy it.

Tricks, former head of PR for Culebre Enterprises, has come out of hiding after the death of the Dark Fae King to reveal herself as the heiress to the throne. Not surprisingly, people are trying to kill her. Enter Tiago Black Eagle, wyr sentinel sent by Dragos, her ex-boss who gave her refuge (see previous book), to make sure she’s okay and find out who tried to kill her. They haven’t had much interaction until now, but they make up for lost time pretty quickly. Can Tricks and Tiago find out who’s trying to kill her before she ends up dead, and still have time for some nookie?

I think I’ve written a similar summary before. Hell, I think I might have done it for Dragon Bound, the first book of this series. But hey, why ruin something that works?

Thea Harrison is my new auto-buy author. Even if the hero had turned out to be a wimpy web-footed shapeshifter from outer space whose non-human form was even weirder looking I’d probably still buy it. (But I’d ask Decadence first.) I am utterly fascinated by her world building and enjoy the universe she’s created.

Tricks and Tiago are great characters. Tricks could have easily turned into a Mary Sue, or Miss Super-Independent-I-Don’t-Need-Anyone, but instead she acknowledges what she needs to learn and gets on with it. Tiago could also have turned into a grunting alpha—honestly, I think of him as Conan or Taboo (from the Black Eyed Peas)—but he’s worked out well. Harrison, and by virtue of this, Tricks, doesn’t try to change him, even at the end, when they’re mated (this is not a spoiler as I’m sure we all know this is going to happen—it’s a romance) and he’s got to be Mr. Faerie. There are also none of the if only they spoke to each other this conflict would not have happened bullshit. When something happens to her, they talk about it right away. They even talk about the whole mating gig. I really liked that in the story.

I found the external plot around murder attempts on Tricks quite interesting, and that kept me reading more than the actual romance. I liked the murder investigation and how everything moved along but, yes, eventually I killed a fairy three-quarters into the book.

Yay or nay?

Yay. But you need to read Dragon Bound first. Storm’s Heart can stand alone, but the first book is better. This doesn’t suck—not at all; it’s pretty good—but you might as well get book one too. :-)

Title: Storm’s Heart (excerpts: one, two, three)
Series: Elder Races (Book 2)
Author: Thea Harrison
Publisher: Berkley/Penguin
A format: 9780425242667 (2/8/2011)
Ebook: 9780748132508 (2/8/2011)

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  1. Kaetrin says:

    I haven’t read the full post because I’m going to be listening to the first book on audio soon and I’m trying to avoid spoilers.  I’ve heard so much about this series and how great it is.  Looks like I’m not going to be disappointed! :)

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