Sydney Writers’ Festival 2015 – Is this romance I see before me?

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2015 – Is this romance I see before me?
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Hear from Kate Cuthbert, Kylie Scott, Jodi McAlister, Valerie Purman, and Avril Tremayne at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. And while you’re around, stop by at the MCA Zine Fair and pick up a copy of Trousseau!

It’s probably not because of Gabby’s open letter, or my whingeing, or our hashtag commandeering, but seeing one honest-to-goodness romance panel in this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival program — on a Saturday, no less! — is nothing short of a miracle.

So we’ll take it, thank you, organisers!

The downside is that the free weekend events are always packed, so if you’re planning to come along, make sure you’re there early. (Yes, I recognise the irony of me giving out such advice.) If your attended the publishing workshop yesterday, you would have also caught author Kylie Scott, and romance enthusiasts Joel Naoum, Anna Valdinger and John Purcell.

Beyond dukes and damsels

Saturday, May 23 from 1.30pm. Full details here.

This panel includes Escape managing editor Kate Cuthbert, authors Victoria Purman and Avril Tremayne in conversation with literary historian Jodi McAlister. Free weekend sessions at the SWF are always packed (as in, they turn people away), so if you’re planning to come to this, make sure you’re there early.

Girl is a sweet ingenue. Boy is a brooding rake. Girl meets boy. Boy seduces girl. Girl becomes less innocent. Boy becomes less rakish.

This is the world-weary stereotype that romance novels constantly bump up against. In the real world (of fiction), romantic heroes and heroines have been evolving since the genre began. How exactly has the fantasy of sexiness changed over time? And what subversive tropes are emerging in the sub-genres?

MCA Zine Fair

Museum of Contemporary Art: Friday 5pm-8.30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-5pm, free admission.

As you may know, Jen and I created a zine for romance readers, Trousseau, which was launched at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Canberra earlier this year. We will also be at the MCA Zine fair tonight ant tomorrow, so if you’re in Sydney, please come by and say hello, and buy a few zines — from us or from some of the other zinesters at the fair. Jen has also created a Catwoman zine, so if you love superheroes, make sure you check that out. We’ll also have postcards from last year’s #LoveRomance campaign available. I love these postcards, and they’ll be available for sale for the first time.

We are also going to try and sneak in A Very Special Guest. Here’s a hint: it is Fabiolous!

We’ll be at the zine fair tonight and tomorrow. We’re also meeting for drinks on Saturday night, probably at The Glenmore, which is between the SWF and MCA. You’re all welcome to join us — leave a comment so I know to send you any updates, or keep an eye on out our Twitter feed for more info tomorrow.

See you there!

Are you planning to attend any SWF events? What are you most looking forward to? You can find the full program here. And in case you missed it, Gabby & I had a chat with Andrew Pople on Final Draft about the Sydney Writers’ Festival program and romance.


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