Take Me by Lucy Monroe

Take Me by Lucy Monroe

Take Me by Lucy Monroe (Langley Family, Book 3)

A well-paced drama from Wandergurl’s new favourite I-will- buy-everything-you-have-ever-written author.

When Jared, Viscount Ravenswood’s, housekeeper and childhood friend, Mary, dies she leaves him her daughter, Hannah. She makes him promise to introduce Hannah to Calantha, Duchess of Clairborne, whom she once served. Jared is reluctant to do so, as she is the widow of the evil man who raped Mary and sired the child. He has no way of knowing if she was aware of this act and has his doubts about this reclusive widow.

Calantha suffered an abusive past at the hands of her husband and generally keeps to herself, indulging her passion for roses. When she meets Jared and Hannah, though, things begin to change and she slowly comes out of her shell, just in time for romance to blossom.

Lucy Monroe is my new favourite I-will- buy-everything-you-have-ever-written author. (Thanks, @EloisaJames!) This book had excellent characterisation, from the back story to the use of dialogue, to reflect their personalities. My favourite part of this dramatically rich (Kat, you will like this one!) novel is how the characters actually communicate. There are no bullshit misunderstandings because they don’t talk to each other, the issues are all out on the table, and they talk about things and sort them out. The issues they face are developed and dealt with in a realistic manner—Calantha has trouble with trust and intimacy because of the abuse she suffered under her husband, and Jaded Jared has feelings (mostly in his loins, at first, of course) for her but is wary. There’s drama, but it is unfolded slowly, with good pacing and enough interaction to make you appreciate what is going on.

I’m sure you all know by now that I am not too fond of drama. Somehow I didn’t mind too much in this book, though if like me, you prefer your romance to be just about the comedy and exchange of witty repartee this is not the book for you. I also found the ending with the villain a bit too convenient, but as it was more of a secondary plot to the romance for me, I didn’t mind too much.

Yay or nay?

The Year of the Historical: A 2010 Reading ChallengeYes, go forth and read! This is apparently book 3 of a series, but it can be read alone. (You can tell immediately that it is part of a series, though, once you see that Jared has 2 sisters and they’re already married.) I will say, though, that I prefer her paranormals, as they are lighter fare.

This book is the final book in the Langley Family trilogy after Touch Me and Tempt Me.

Title: Take Me
Series: Langley Family (Book 3)
Author: Lucy Monroe
ISBN: 9780425212219
Release date: October 2006
Publisher: Berkley Sensation

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  1. Kaetrin says:

    I’m a big fan of Lucy Monroe’s categories – I adored the Scorsellini Marriage Bargain (except for the cheesy epilogue which I gloss over when I re-read – and re-read I have done – 3 or 4 times now) but when I’ve tried her full length historical or contemporary novels, they’ve left me dissatisfied.  (I haven’t tried her paranormals.)   I haven’t read this one but I read the first two in the series and they just seemed overblown to me.  I’d definetly recommend her categories – I think they’re in the “Sexy” line and I think they’re all for sale at eHarlequin (thank you Harlequin for your support of digital books!).

  2. Holly says:

    I agree with Kaetrin about Monroe’s category novels, though I disagree about (most of) her single titles. I really enjoyed her contemps, especially Ready, Willing, And Able. I was slightly disappointed in the historical series, but I was still able to enjoy them.
    I really love her paranormal series, though. Excellent books.
    She’s been a favorite of mine for years. I’m so glad you’ve discovered her.

  3. Edie says:

    LOL and for another stab at different, I don’t like her categories, but enjoy all the single titles. Generally.

  4. askennagal says:

    Well I liked all the storys in this series but I think that is becuase I am a very fond reader of historical storys. Especially the storys by Julia Quinn. (her Brigerton seris is great but they do follow a simliar stroy underline).

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