The Shadows by J. R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood book 13 and beyond

The Shadows by J. R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood book 13 and beyond

The Shadows by J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 13) - US editionTeasers and tidbits for the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fallen Angels and Bourbon Kings series.

Need to brush up on your BDB knowledge? Click here for the BDB cheat sheets.

JR Ward’s official FB page has posted a rough transcript of the Q&A from the signing she held with Karen Marie Moning, which contains spoilers from the Fallen Angels series (including the newly released Immortal) and teasers from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

I think the biggest teaser of the night was the back story involving Vishous, Lassiter, Throe (current or his father?) and Throe’s sister, which has to do with why other characters can’t stand Lassiter. I get the feeling that Throe’s sister may have been the ‘her’ Vishous mentioned when giving Lassiter crap.

Eddie and Adrian have to find Lassiter (Immortal tells us a bit about his place in the angel world). They will get their own books but it will be a while and the BDB has to catch up a couple months to the Fallen Angels world (I’d say this will be at least two books). Lassiter just enjoys pissing people off.

Ward knows who the next two books will be about, but can’t say.

We’re also getting a teaser of a teaser that she has to ‘ease her boss into’ before sharing.

She’s described the Bourbon Kings as Downton Abbey set in the South. It will be more about the emotional journey of the characters and won’t be paranormal. She mentioned another series coming next year that BDB readers will love, but it won’t be about the wolfen. (When are they coming?)

Mick Rhodes from Story of Son and the Jessica Bird contemporaries will appear in more books, but I suspect she means the Bourbon Kings.

Murhder may not return in The Shadows after all. I thought it could work because of the Shadows’ and Murhder’s respective connections with Xhex, but Ward isn’t sure if he’s coming back yet. But he definitely will be back.

Selena was fathered by the Primale, but Ward isn’t saying who the Primale was at the time or whether it was the last Primale.

Although you have blond-haired, blue-eyed Rhage (and by extension Marissa?), most of the vampires are more olive toned and darker than human Caucasian, so Selena isn’t really a woman of colour as such.

We get a ‘whole helluva lot of Barry White’ between Xcor and Layla in The Shadows. Xcor seems to have undergone a transformation at some point in the books, from ugly to Channing Tatum.

Bad things are coming for Xcor and it’s not even all his fault. Humans are going to realise that vampires exist after Xcor saving Tohr was filmed by a human.

iAm finally gets to have sex. He and Trez get their own female mates.

Qhuinn’s brother Luchas is still in the training facility, but his recovery is being hindered by an infection in his leg and he has some difficult decisions ahead. (Does this mean he could lose the leg and/or his hands, which were also completely mangled?)

Sola and Assail will end up together.

When asked about the Rhage and Mary novella, she said that we’ll be reading about them in the future, so I think this means it could turn into a novel like The King, or be absorbed into someone else’s book. We could still get a novella, but depending on how the question was really answered, that doesn’t look too likely.

The Scribe Virgin appears at the beginning of The Shadows and Ward believes there will have to be a confrontation with the Omega at some point.

When Lash and Devina come back, they will have the same appearance that humans are used to seeing, not their true ugliness. Lash will not be the new forelesser. Devina will want Lash because he is so irredeemable and needs to acquire things (people, souls, etc).

What happened to the trainees is ‘such an interesting question.’

The Shadows does not go the way she expected, but she can only write what she sees.

The Brothers seem to bond more deeply with their shellans than civilians do because of the purity of their blood.

We’ll see more vampires, such as the rebel camp out west that Qhuinn considered joining, but Ward has no idea when.

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  1. tabitha482 says:

    October 11, 2014 SIGNING (Immortal)
    Be warned, the following post is full of SPOILERS!!!!
    So, if you don’t mind SPOILERS, go right ahead and read the following transcript of today’s Q&A session at the Newport Barnes & Noble.
    First up, Karen Marie Moning:
    Q:In the next book, is Danny going to be more than 14?
    A:Yes, she will be. And she will be sexually viable.
    Q:The teasers that you’ve been posting, how much time has passed since the last book?
    A:That’s a really good question. Keep reading.
    Q:Are you going to sell the options to the books?
    The options have expired, and I’m actually happy about that, because I would prefer to see it as a TV series.
    Q:Are we going to see more of the Highlanders?
    Yes, in Burned.
    And then, onto JR Ward:
    Q: How much of the Angels are we going to see in future BDB books?
    A: Ed and Adrian are going to be tasked with finding Lassiter. So we just have to catch the BDB timeline up with the Angels.
    Q:Will we ever see the main characters in Story of Son in future BDB stories?
    A:I don’t know if we’ll see them again.
    Q:Devina keeps saying she wants a man as evil as she is, and that makes me think of Lash. Is that going to be the next book?
    A:I can’t release the name of the book after Shadows.
    Q:The teaser on FB that you think you aren’t allowed to write…can you tell us what that is?
    A:I’m going to have to keep quiet about that, because I’m going to have to ease my boss into that.
    Q:Will Adrian and Eddie get their own books?
    A:Yes, but not for a while, because I already know who the next two books are. But I can’t say.
    Q:Can you tell me if you’re going to have the SV give Wrath his sight back?
    A:No, it’s just where Wrath is now. But the SV is coming back at some point.
    Q:Is The Bourbon Kings about werewolves and is it set in the Southern U.S.?
    A:It’s not about werewolves but is set in the South. Imagine Dowton Abby set in the south. There will be a signing in the beginning of April for the Shadows, then a signing for the BK around the first of August. And there’s a new series coming out next year that the BDB fans will love. But there won’t be werewolves in that one, either.
    Q:Any chance you can do a signing in New York?
    A:I think there’s a chance we might do another one up there at some point. My publishers want me up there. So, it’s going to be a matter of having the time.
    Q:Selena is the first dark haired, darker skinned chosen we’ve seen so far. Is Selena the product of a mating of the Primale and someone other than a Chosen?
    A:The problem is whether I tell you now or let you read it in her book. She is a product of the Primale, but it matters the Primale is at the time. The thing that we sometimes forget is that Rhage is blonde, blue-eyed, but the rest are more olive, dark-toned.
    Q:Will Murhder be in other books?
    A:I thought he was in this book, but I’m not sure if he shows up before the end or not. But he will definitely be coming back.
    Q:Who is the model on the cover of The Shadows?
    A:I don’t know, NY does that, but they tried to match my description of the tats.
    Q:What’s going to happen between Layla and Xcor?
    A: A whole helluva lot of Barry White. Their relationship goes to another level in the shadows.
    Q:How was Devina able to keep one of the Swarovski shoes when everything else went?
    A:She starts the book with the shoes, so she ends the book with the shoes. I look at it as a gift from the Creator.
    Q:Devina is so crazy. Can we see more of her therapist?
    A:The therapist was God. So the therapist we saw doesn’t actually exist.
    Q:At the end of Immortal, when Jim was in the kitchen, he was talking about “her”. Who was he referring to?
    A:It was Jim’s mother.
    Q:Are there other Chosen who go back and forth in between the worlds? Will we see more of them?
    A:Those Chosen aren’t very compelling characters, so they need to live more life in this world to be interesting.
    Q: You’ve said before that some things are more than they appear. What more is Boo?
    A:I know, but I’m not saying.
    Q:The Purgatory that we saw in Immortal…is that where Wellsie was?
    A:Yep, it’s the same In Between.
    Q:The beginning books were all Lover Something. Now we’re going with titles that being with “The.” So is this a new theme?
    A:I could see this being a thing, because there’s only so many “Lovers” you can do.
    Q:What about the Rhage and Mary novella? Is it almost finished?
    A:I think you’ll be reading about them in the future.
    Q:Fritz was seventy seven when he was working for that other family, and he left that employment. What would make him do that at his age?
    A:I like to think he was unhappy, and when Darius established his own household, Fritz went with him.
    Q:Do assail and sola get together.
    Q:Is assail the one who drives the Rolls Royce?
    Q:We have to get Adrian and Eddie caught up to BDB. How long are we talking?
    A:Hmmm, itQ: doesn’t take us very long, maybe a month or so.
    Q:How much of s’Ex and the Queen are we going to see?
    A:I don’t want to see the Queen, I want to see s’Ex. But I’m going to warn you need to get your tissues ready. Something happens at the beginning of the Shadows that changes s’Ex’ entire trajectory.
    Q:Does iAm have sex?
    A:Yeah….But I’m not saying with who.
    Q:Do the twins share a mate?
    A:Nope, they each get their own.
    Q:Is iAm’s mate going to be female?
    A:Yes, his mate is female, but I’m not saying who today.
    Q:Is the SV going to get it together?
    A:She shows up in the beginning of the Shadows.
    Q:Any idea who Saxton ends up with?
    A:I have an idea, but not sure.
    Q:Will the SV and the Omega have a confrontation?
    A:I’m sure they’ll have to, eventually.
    Q:So Devina’s not going to be redeemed?
    A:I just think she and Lash would make a lovely couple
    Q:Is it possible that Qhuinn is adopted?
    A:No, he is the blooded brother of Lucas.
    Q:Are we going to find more about the other Bastards?
    A:You will and those will be interesting books, especially if they all come around the way I think they will.
    Q:Are JM and Blay going to be made Brothers?
    A:I will tell you they will, but I can’t say when yet. All of these plotlines run into the future, so, it’s hard to say which book that will fall in.
    Q:Where is Qhuinn’s brother, Lucas?
    A:He’s in the Training Center med center. He has an infection in his leg that’s hampering his recovery.
    Q:What about Lassiter and Devina getting together?
    Q:Will Butch and Marissa have a baby.
    A:I guess, but I don’t know.
    Q:Will be see more of Blay and Qhuinn?
    A:You’ll see more of them in Layla’s book, though you’ll see a lot of Qhuinn in this book with his brother.
    Q:What about Nick Rhodes from Story of Son and the Jessica Bird books?
    A:We’ll see of more of him.
    Q:What was Lassiter doing when he created the Dead Sea?
    A:Messing around. He’s awesome, I love him.
    Q:Will we see more of Abolone and his daughter,Paradise?
    A:Yes, they’ll be in future books. Right now, she’s a year or two out of her transition.
    Q:What kinds of things go on between characters who knew one another before they were involved in the BDB?
    A:That’s kind of like a love story for Fritz. It would be interesting but not very explosive.
    Q:What about another IG and a map of the mansion?
    A:I just don’t have time for another IG or those kinds of details and backstories right now.
    Q:Will Lassiter have a book and a mate?
    A:Yes, he will.
    Q:Who was the “her” Vishous was talking about when he was giving Lassiter grief in previous book?
    A:The “her” will come out as we learn more of the backstory between Vishous, Lassiter, and Throe.
    Q:Why does Jim keep having sex with Devina?
    A:Part of the reason is that it’s one way for him to express his anger with her. I kind of think it has to do with the evil in him. It’s not love.
    Q:Why do we hear about Fritz but not other doggen? We never see children and families, just older doggen.
    A:It’s a part of the world that’s just not that explosive and interesting.
    Q:Any thoughts on an erotic novel about Lash, Devina and Hell?
    Q:Devina keeps going after Jim. Why will she want Lash?
    A:Devina loves Jim because he has redeemable qualities but what appeals to her about Lash, is that he’s not redeemable. For her, that’s part of her attraction to Lash. He doesn’t give a sh*t and so she’s going to be drawn by that. He’s going to be an obsession, because she loves the chase and she needs to collect.
    Q:Why did other characters come back?
    A:Sissy was seeing the halos above the heads of the souls in play. She had to understand that Jim was the soul in play so others had to come back so she could understand the pattern.
    Q:Will Jim and Sissy stay in heaven or come back?
    A:They’re in heaven and won’t come back.
    Q:When Lash and Devina come back, will they look human or be their disgusting selves?
    A:They’ll look the same as they appear to humans now.
    Q:When is Layla giving birth? Will that create a lot of drama?
    A:Yes, it does. Things get so bad for Xcor. Some of it isn’t even his fault. Xcor is one of my favorite people.
    Q:Who did Xcor save in the alley?
    A:Xcor shaved Tohrment’s life in the alley.. That event was recorded by a human. So it’s coming that humans realize there are vampires,
    Q:Does Blay accept the baby?
    A:He’s wonderful with the baby and his parents accept the baby.
    Q:When will she have the baby, the next book?
    A:I can’t say, I’m not sure how far ahead we get. It’s a really big book.
    Q:Is the new forelesser Lash?
    Q:How far along is Layla at the beginning of The Shadows?
    A:She’s getting there.
    Q:In this book will we find out what is wrong with Selena?
    A:Yes, absolutely. But I have to say, this book didn’t turn out the way I expected.
    Q:Are you saying we’re going to be mad at you after the next books?
    A:It’s not me, I just write what I see.
    Q:Will you ever write about the next generation of BDB, like Little Wrath, Nalla, and Aghony?
    A:I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.
    Q:Why can Adrian now have an erection? Is that because he got rid of the evil inside him?
    A:What Adrian assumed from Matthias, it was evil that latched onto him. When it was expelled, he was cleansed.
    Q:What is the origin of the evil and was it in Eddie?
    A:No, Eddie never had sex with Devina, so was never corrupted like the others, which was the point.
    Q:Will Adrian keep having wandering hands?
    A:I can’t answer that.
    Q:Will we see the relationship between Butch and Manny.
    A:I want to see the paternal relationship and find out who’s the daddy.
    Q:When are the Brothers going to go back to kicking a$$.
    A:I think the Bob has been more visible in the field than the Brothers have recently, because their primary directive is to protect the King. So, now that the threat has eased, we should see them fighting more.
    Q:What happened to the trainees and will we see them again?
    A:That’s such an interesting question….
    Q:Do Adrian and Eddie hate Lassiter for the same reason or do they each have their own? Is there a big thing that made everyone hate him?
    A:Lassiter is just annoying and gets off on annoying people. There is a specific event that happened involving Lassiter Throe, Vishous and Throe’s sister. So, the details will come out in future books.
    Q:What’s the difference between the matings between the Brothers and their shellans and the matings of civilians.
    A:Because of the pureness of the blood, they seem to bond more deeply.
    Q:Which characters do you not love?
    A:Caith, the slut ho bag from the first two books. I don’t like loose women. I don’t have a trouble with loose men. I don’t like Havers at all. I don’t like the woman who was with the entire Bob, who was married to the old guy. I didn’t like the SV initially but like her now. I didn’t like Beth’s boss, Dick. I like Devina but I still don’t like Lash, partly because of the scene with JM in the bathroom.
    Q:Does your mother read your books.
    A:No. No, no.
    Q:When Qhuinn talked about running away, he mentioned going to a rebel camp out west?
    A:Yes, there are definitely more vampires, and we’ll see more of them in future books, but I’m never sure when these things happen until I write each book.
    Q:How long of a series is The Bourbon Kings?
    A:It’s open-ended and will just depend on how it goes. It’s similar to Dynasty. It’s more about the emotional stuff.
    Q:Adrian and Eddie will get their own books within the BDB?
    A:I’m guessing so, but I’m not sure. Based on what I know of the backstory for Lassiter, I think that’s what happens.
    Q:In Lover at Last, it seemed as if there wasn’t the same level of passion as the other couples. Was this intentional, or was it the result of your discomfort with writing male/male sex?
    A:I don’t think it was different than the others. It felt the same to me.

  2. tabitha482 says:

    Here are some snippets from JR Wards books she posted on her Facebook page (for those who don’t FB)

    “He told himself the fire was a waste of time and heat. She wasn’t going to come. There was no way she was going to come.
    He was just going to hang here for a half hour or so, play witness to his brain sinking into some dark, dangerous territory, and then put out the flames and head back to Caldie.
    The clubs. He would go to the clubs first, and then-
    The sound of that creaky door opening made him stiffen.
    And then maichen’s scent hit the interior.
    Cranking his head around, he lifted his eyes. She stood in the open doorway, her robes flapping in the cold wind rushing in from behind her.
    She was both a ghost . . . and soul-shatteringly vital.
    And as he looked at her, he knew exactly why they had both come…”

    “”We shall conclude this meeting the now.”
    “Why? I should like to see you. It is a simple enough request.”
    Not even close, he thought. “Why would you want to do that.”
    “I thought you wanted to have sex with me. That’s the whole point of all this, isn’t it.”
    -The Shadows, pg. 145″

    “Music exploded out of the Burmester sound system, thanks to the Sirius dial, and before he could turn the stuff off, DJ Khaled’s “Hold You Down” came on.
    “Wait,” he said. “No, leave it on.”
    Getting out, he hopped around to her side again, opened the door, and offered her his hand. “Dance with me.”
    “Dance with me, my queen…”
    -The Shadows, pg. 365″

    “”Young,” she mumbled. “Young okay? Young?”
    Instantly, Qhuinn’s blue-and-green stare was right in front of her. “You’re all right-”
    As if she cared about herself right now. “Young…!”
    -The Shadows, pg. 196″

    “Scary times. Scary times.
    If deaths came in threes… he thought numbly. Who was going to be the third one?
    -The Shadows, pg. 318”

    “At least that was one thing he’d done right. “Qhuinn, let me go. Please. Just let me …go.”
    The silence lasted so long, Luchas began to breathe easier, thinking that his argument had been accepted.
    “I know what’d it’s like to not have hope,” Qhuinn said roughly. “But destiny can surprise you.”
    -The Shadows, pg. 31″

    “Sometimes, the evil you fought wasn’t anything you could hit or shoot or dismember. Sometimes you couldn’t even hurt it.
    And that was really f**king awful.
    -The Shadows, pg. 315”

    “”Can I tell you something?”
    She glanced up at him. “Of course. And I promise I won’t throw any more lamps- well, not like there are any around at the moment, but still.”
    “You can throw anything you want.” He stopped and turned her to face him, brushing her hair back. “You are the bravest person I know…”
    -The Shadows, pg. 430″

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