The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinner, Book 1)A taut, intense and brilliantly written erotic read in the first book of a trilogy that Fifty Shades wants to be when it grows up.

Zachary Easton is the most brutal editor of ‘high brow’ literature around, and Nora Sutherlin, best-selling erotica writer, wants him for her next book. Unbeknownst to Zach, Nora is also New York’s top dominatrix, but she’s afraid that this would cloud his impartiality in editing her work as a writer of erotic BDSM fiction. In addition, she’s running from a former lover and trying to keep her hands off Wesley, the virginal (and vanilla) nineteen-year-old she lives with.

Everything about The Siren is deliciously complicated and it’s an experience I don’t want to spoil (plus I’m not in the habit of killing fairies, so to speak).

“I like doing things that hurt.” She gave him a Cheshire cat grin.

Nora pretty much introduced herself as one of my new favourite literary heroines of all time. Full of contradictions, she epitomizes female sexuality and is so wonderfully glib about all things sex that it’s both amusing and horrifying. Not to mention exciting. No wonder she’s considered dangerous. The banter between Nora and [insert any character she comes into contact with in the novel here] is fantastic, and her chemistry with all the men in her life is palpable.

There’s her editor, the tall, dark and handsome Zach, the mysterious former lover Zoren (who Alexander Skarsgard must have been the inspiration for, I just know it) and Southern gentleman Wesley. We get only glimpses of Kingsley, Nora’s friend slash ’employer’ and reluctant connection to Zoren, but he’s sure to feature in the following books. I should mention here that all these men have sexy accents. (An Englishman, an American, a Frenchman walk into a bar…)

It’s been a while since I’ve been this impressed by any book, let alone one classified as erotic fiction, but oh, my did Tiffany Reisz’s The Siren leave me breathless and, yes, at one point in tears. It was exhausting. I loved it. As an outsider going merely by those I consider as excellent writers of the genre—namely, Cherise Sinclair and Joey W. Hill—the book felt and read like a much more accurate depiction of the BDSM lifestyle.

The Siren also explores somewhat the phenomenon behind the popularity of erotic fiction, providing some insightful reasons behind its demographic not only in the dialogue but also in its situations and characters—embodied especially by Nora. Make no mistake however, the book is not at all pretentious—it’s an erotic work of romantic fiction. But to all the haters and the doubters, just because it’s erotic doesn’t mean it can’t be well written. This book is unconventional but, in my opinion, a truthful depiction of how love works and operates.

Waiting for the next two instalments (The Angel and The Prince) is agonising, but I’m sure Reisz would make the wait worthwhile.

Yay or nay?

A taut, intense and brilliantly written erotic read in the first book of a trilogy that Fifty Shades wants to be when it grows up.

Who might enjoy it: Anyone who loved or immensely disliked or is allergic to the Fifty Shades Bandwagon Phenomenon

Who might not enjoy it:  Readers who want a more traditional romance, erotic or otherwise

A review copy of this book was generously provided by Harlequin Australia.

Title: The Siren (excerpt — PDF)
Series: The Original Sinners (Book 1)
Author: Tiffany Reisz
Publisher: Harlequin Spice

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinner, Book 1) - US/Australian editionThe Siren by Tiffany Reisz (The Original Sinners, Book 1) - UK edition

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  1. Marg says:

    Wasn’t this fabulous! And The Angel is just as good! I need to read the short stories on the author’s website and then wait very impatiently for the next two books! 

  2. Decadence says:

    After reading spoilers for this book, I told myself I wouldn’t read it because it seemed too squicky. I didn’t think there could be a way to handle the subject matter that wouldn’t disgust me. I figured that if I ever did, it would be as a challenge, like Kat’s attempt to read Fifty Shades. Then I came across an article somewhere about Tiffany Reisz having done her research by paying a dominatrix to flog her, how she experienced the session and what that brought to her writing. While I wasn’t sold on her book, I had to respect her for doing that.
    Then I came across a link to her short stories. I have a feeling that they’ll make more sense after reading The Siren, but I gave Little Red Riding Crop a go. I was surprised to like it. There was a certain casual meaning to the sex, if that makes sense. Nora’s relationships are compartmentalised but she doesn’t just have sex for prurient reader jollies or to push boundaries for the sake of getting attention. In that moment in time, what she’s doing and who she’s doing it with actually matters. So I was surprised to like the short story.
    I read an excerpt of The Angel and may just have to add the books to my TBR after all. It touched on one of my hard limits, but Reisz made it work. Plus picturing Alexander Skarsgard in any kind of sexual setting never hurts either ;)

  3. Envyious says:

    Oh I am sorry for the laate reply! You will definitely love it Decadence – Reisz writes brilliantly and Nora is a great character. The relationships are complex and the sex scenes are, IMHO, not gratuitous and fits within the plot. 

    Kat go and pick it up lol It’s really a very good read. 

  4. Sleeq says:

    After reading, i had download and gobble up the rest.. She’s a strong woman who goes after what she wants.. So fierce and yet so vulnerable for Soren…

    She kind of reminds of Fish Mooney in Gotham.. Lol

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