Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann

Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann
Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann

Straight off, I will say: This is a book about sheep. Yes, you read it right. Sheep. It’s a sheep detective story. It’s about a flock of Irish sheep who try to solve the murder of their beloved shepherd, George. Along the way you find out a lot of things about him, about the people in their village, and nothing is what it seems. I know this sounds strange but it is so well crafted that the sheep don’t appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary–they eat clover, they walk around, stare at clouds, stand on cliff edges–but somehow they manage to solve the mystery and make themselves known not through some cheesy miracle or by suddenly speaking, but through something a bit more creative than that. (I’ll let you read the book!)

I will warn you that this is not a typical book. You have to be willing to suspend disbelief in that sheep are not just woolly, uniform grass-munching creatures but have their own individual personalities. Once you do that you are in for a wonderful, witty adventure featuring characters such as the smartest sheep in Glennkill, possibly in all the world, the dark black sheep with two sets of horns and who has a mysterious past, the dreamy sheep obsessed with clouds, the memory sheep who remembers it all, and a cast of others that make this book truly engaging.

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