Tuesday Tidbits: An image problem

Tuesday Tidbits: An image problem

2016 Tuesday Tidbits (Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com)

A weekly (ish) round-up of quotes and images from book lovers around the interwebs.

Congratulations to romantic suspense author Bronwyn Parry [ T | F | W ], whose book, Storm Clouds [ BT | Amz | iT ], made the ‘long shortlist’ for the Davitt Awards. Winners will be announced on Saturday.

‘However, I keep seeing white authors getting hung up on whether white people are allowed to write from points of view not our own. Spoiler: we’re allowed. No one is stopping us. Will doing so make YA more diverse? No, it won’t.’ — Justine Larbalestier, Reading While White

The National Library is an absolute hotspot for Pokemon, particularly the rarer type. — Sue McKerracher (ALIA CEO), GovernmentNews

Booktopia is going public at the end of October. The proposed IPO is $150 million. (For the non-Australians, Booktopia is our largest local online bookshop. I used to curate their romance newsletter. :D)

Harry Potter (the series) turns 20 next year, and the British Library will hold an exhibition featuring items from J K Rowling’s personal archive.

Brisbane Writers Festival has some romance-adjacent panels. Most notably, 50 Shades Flipped. The panel description doesn’t sound hugely genre-friendly, but I live in hope. Kirsty Eagar will also be talking about Summer Skin (review).

Chris Hanley, founder of the Byron Writers Festival, stepped down earlier this year, handing over the reins to romance author Jennifer St George [ T | FW ].  This is exciting news for genre writers.

Jemma Birrell, artistic director of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, stepped down earlier this month. This doesn’t really affect romance readers except to hope that her successor will be even more inclusive of genre.

Upcoming book events 

Aug 26 – Sep 4: Melbourne Writers Festival
Aug 27 – Aug 28: Feminist Writers Festival (Melbourne)
Sep 7 – Sep 11: Brisbane Writers Festival — Features Kirsty Eagar
Sep 29 – Oct 2: National Young Writers’ Festival (Newcastle)
Oct 8 – Oct 9: Book Expo Australia (Sydney)
Oct 15: A Romantic High Tea in Melbourne — Features Keri ArthurFiona Lowe and Alli Sinclair
Nov 19: A Romantic High Tea in Brisbane — Features Anna CampbellTM Clark and Kylie Scott

Feb 18: Books by the Bridge (Sydney) — Features Alice Clayton
Feb 24 – Feb 26: Australian Romance Readers Convention (Melbourne) — Features Kylie ScottCourtney Milan and Kristen Callahan
Sep 16 – Sep 17: Fictionally Yours Melbourne — Features Jamie McGuire

Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com


  1. azteclady says:

    So happy for Ms Parry! I love her writing; I’m often saddened my budget doesn’t allow me to get ALL her books :shaking fist at heavens: one day! one fine day!!!!

  2. Kat says:

    I caught up with her on the weekend. I have her latest book ready to read. I wish we lived closer to each other so I can lend it to you!

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