Tuesday Tidbits: The Times They Are a-Changin’

Tuesday Tidbits: The Times They Are a-Changin’

A weekly (ish) round-up of quotes and images from book lovers around the inter webs. (This post is packed because we missed a few weeks!)

‘I figured that if her Iliad could open a world to me, her romances might explain something, too.’ — Adam Minter, Romance Novels Brought Me Closer To My Mom, Even After She Was Gone (Bustle)

‘Abe had not been dressing up, styling himself, for all these years because he was trying to prove how different he was from everyone else. He did it in the hope of attracting the attention of somebody else — somewhere, someday — who was the same. He was not flying his freak flag; he was sending up a flare, hoping for rescue, for company in the solitude of his passion.’ — Michael Chabon, My Son, The Prince Of Fashion 

So Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature:

Ellora’s Cave has notified its authors that it’s closing at the end of the year. It sounds like EC has offered to revert rights to authors, but the T&Cs include waiving royalties owed. Virginia Nelson posted some of the details here. Follow the #notchilled hashtag on Twitter for new developments.

Harlequin Australia’s integration into HarperCollins has resulted in some changes. B+P has the details, but the most surprising news to me is that Cristina Lee will be leaving the company at the end of this month. I met her at the first ARRC in 2009, and I associate her so strongly with Harlequin, so I was sad to hear this! I wish her the best, and hope we’ll still see her around the book world.

I wrote a Shelf Talk article [$] for Books+Publishing with my romance and women’s fiction selections for summer. The article is behind a paywall, but I wanted to highlight three titles that I think you guys might find interesting:

  • BT | Amz  — Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas combines the words of the Wallflowers and the Ravenels
  • BT | Amz  — The Deep End by Kristen Ashley is book 1 of a series set in the Honey Club, where alpha males turn into pleasure slaves!
  • BT | Amz  — Close Enough to Touch by Colleen Oakley is a romcom featuring a heroine who is allergic … to humans

Adele/@SnarkyWench tweeted about Mister O by Lauren Blakely, and it sounds great: a magician heroine with a geek hero.

ARRA is sponsoring a panel at the Wollongong Writers Festival in November. Sex on the Beach will feature local authors, moderated by Diane Robson, who many ARRA members might recognise from Facebook.

Booktopia shares have been priced at $2 each, ahead of its listing on the ASX, which is scheduled for November.

Small Press Network launched its Independent Publishing Conference program last week. More details on the website.

Penguin Random House UK has launched an initiative to actively seek out and mentor authors from under-represented communities. CEO Tom Weldon’s speech seems to indicate that reflecting diverse voices will be part of PRH’s strategy into the future. What strikes me about this article is the growing realisation that diverse voices are important across all of literature, not just literary fiction, and that they don’t always just have to be concerned with identity politics. Check out the article in The Guardian.

ABC’s Cleverman is now available on the Netflix US catalogue. I can’t recommend this show enough. It’s an urban fantasy plot that uses elements of Aboriginal mythology. The social commentary isn’t always subtle, but sad to say: it’s relevant and necessary.

‘This is also part of Edward Snowden’s story. The refugees who harbored him three years ago still live in miserable conditions in a wealthy city that doesn’t want them. Their asylum applications are still being processed for 10 years or even longer. Their children don’t have passports – they were stateless when they were born.’ — Sönke Iwersen, Edward Snowden’s Guardian Angels (Handelsblatt)

Upcoming book events

Nov 9 — Nov 12: Independent Publishing Conference (VIC)
Nov 19: A Romantic High Tea in Brisbane — Features Anna CampbellTM Clark and Kylie Scott
Nov 23 – Nov 27: Wollongong Writers Festival (NSW)
Nov 27: Sex on the Beach — Features Catherine Evans, Cassandra Samuels, Donna Gallagher and Rachel Brookes

Next year

Feb 18: Books by the Bridge (Sydney) — Features Alice Clayton
Feb 24 – Feb 26: Australian Romance Readers Convention (Melbourne) — Features Kylie ScottCourtney Milan and Kristen Callahan
Sep 16 – Sep 17: Fictionally Yours Melbourne — Features Jamie McGuire
Oct 21 – 22: Riveting Reads Australia (Brisbane)

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