Tuesday Tidbits: Unhidden

Tuesday Tidbits: Unhidden

2016 Tuesday Tidbits (Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com)

A weekly (ish) round-up of quotes and images from book lovers around the interwebs.

Deakin University is undertaking a study, Teen Reading in the Digital Era: ‘The research aims to generate rich insights into reading preferences, practices and the effects of access and other factors on adolescents’ reading choices, as we look toward 2017 and beyond.’

‘I ordered an early edition of The Hidden Staircase. It arrived as the book I remembered. Both books are titled Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. Both are the second book in the Nancy Drew series. Carolyn Keene is named as the author of both. But they are entirely different books. The chapters have different titles. The books include different characters. Even Nancy’s behavior is different. And that’s because two different women wrote them in very different decades with different ideas of what girlhood should look like. But you’d never know just looking at them.’ — Kelsey McKinney, Out of Print: The Original Nancy Drew Novels

As someone who is always late to return library books, I love fine amnesties. Sydney Uni is reducing fines for borrowers and donating proceeds to the Koori Centre. I wish I’d had this option. I can’t even guess how many hundreds of fines I paid as an undergrad. — Honi Soit

‘…there is an enormous range of different chemicals that can waft out of the freshly opened pages of your brand new book.’ — Dr Karl KruszelnickiWhy do books smell the way they do?

‘Almost 2,000 New Zealanders embarked last week on their annual countrywide gift exchange facilitated by Twitter and state-owned postal service New Zealand Post.’ — Daily News

Upcoming book events

Dec 1 – Dec 30: Summer of Romance (Online)

Next year

Feb 18: Books by the Bridge (Sydney) — Features Alice ClaytonSally Thorne
Feb 24 – Feb 26: Australian Romance Readers Convention (Melbourne) — Features Kylie ScottCourtney Milan and Kristen Callahan
Sep 16 – Sep 17: Fictionally Yours Melbourne — Features Jamie McGuirea
Oct 21 – 22: Riveting Reads Australia (Brisbane)

Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com

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