Tuesday Tidbits: Where I matter

Tuesday Tidbits: Where I matter

2016 Tuesday Tidbits (Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com)

A weekly (ish) round-up of quotes and images from book lovers around the interwebs.

‘For now, I’m here to stay because this is where I matter.’ — Chachic on communities, Chachic’s Book Nook

The number of book signing events in Australia is definitely on the rise, and that can only be a good thing for readers! Check out Riveting Reads Australia, which will be held at the Mercure Brisbane in October next year.

Looks like Australia will be getting a new romance imprint. Xoum Publishing is currently accepting submissions for its XO Romance imprint. I don’t really know much about the parent company or its other imprints, so if anyone has worked with them, I’d be interested to know if they have managed to penetrate the US market for genre fiction.

After a successful first year, Women of Color in Romance has started a Patreon. Pledge as little as $1 per month and you get to join their bookclub! — WOC In Romance: Promoting the works of Women of Color in Romance Fiction 

And now, for an opposing viewpoing. BRACE YOURSELVES. And if you’re someone for who racism is injurious to your health, best to skip this part.

The trend of using diversity comes down to this one simple truth: you want fewer white people. You want fewer white people represented in stories. — Author Bre Faucheux, The problem with diversity in books (or you can watch the video here, if you don’t mind giving her views; I think I lasted less than 5 minutes)

My reaction went something like this:

The Athens-Limeston public library in Alabama is considering gaol time for patrons who fail to return books. I guess shushing librarians don’t look so bad now, do they?

Upcoming book events

Sep 7 – Sep 11: Brisbane Writers Festival — Features Kirsty Eagar
Sep 29 – Oct 2: National Young Writers’ Festival (Newcastle)
Oct 6: The State of Play: Australian Popular Fiction in the Twenty-First Century(Melbourne) — Features Kylie Scott and Anne Gracie
Oct 6: In the Battle of Genres, Romance Will Always Win (Melbourne) — Features Kylie Scott and Kate Cuthbert
Oct 8 – Oct 9: Book Expo Australia (Sydney)
Oct 15: A Romantic High Tea in Melbourne — Features Keri ArthurFiona Loweand Alli Sinclair
Nov 19: A Romantic High Tea in Brisbane — Features Anna CampbellTM Clarkand Kylie Scott

Next year

Feb 18: Books by the Bridge (Sydney) — Features Alice Clayton
Feb 24 – Feb 26: Australian Romance Readers Convention (Melbourne) — Features Kylie ScottCourtney Milan and Kristen Callahan
Sep 16 – Sep 17: Fictionally Yours Melbourne — Features Jamie McGuire
Oct 21 – 22: Riveting Reads Australia (Brisbane)

Graphic: Kim Tomacruz via Canva.com


  1. azteclady says:

    I’m definitely not watching that video.

    I’m appalled at myself, at how exhausted I am whenever the next entitled white asshat shows her true colors in public, on the excuse of how abused and mistreated they are by those meaning minorities. I mean, Whatever micro-aggression and racism I face, it’s seriously NOTHING in comparison to what most people of color face every moment of every day.

    And as much as the famous author is now saying that she find the video offensive, she could have NOT given her entitled fangirls the motivation to do something as disgusting as that, simply by not starting the whole, “I’m a victim of people calling for true representation of a diverse world!”

    So yeah, her credibility? Gone. And a load of dangerous and disgusting prejudice let loose on the world.

  2. Kat says:

    Yeah, I think when you start a conversation about how you’re being victimised by people asking about diversity in your books, you have to anticipate what could happen.

  3. azteclady says:

    It gets worse–because of course, there’s no end to the awfulness. See this thread on Courtney Milan’s twitter…feed? (what do you call that thing?)

    The author she’s talking about had the most wonderful response to the usual, “you call for diversity because your writing is trash,” and, after dealing with some of the most appalling white supremacist shite out there, she had to lock her account.

    And throughout all this, white successful author who started the whole thing, is mouse quiet.

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