Updates, meet ups and ARRC 2011

Updates, meet ups and ARRC 2011

Thursday Tidbits -- news, links and interesting thingsBDB cheat sheets updated

Just a quick note to let you know that the ever lovely—and very thorough—Decadence has updated the BDB cheat sheets, including the spoiler thread for Lover Unleashed. You can find links to all the BDB posts here.

Bookish people are meeting up TONIGHT

A quick reminder that we’re having a casual get together for book bloggers, twitterati, Goodreaders, Facebookers, lurkers and any other bookish people who are part of an online community. (Okay, and even if you’re not!) We’re meeting at the Arthouse Hotel (257 Pitt St, Sydney). If you have a book that needs a new home, feel free to bring it along for a book swap.

Click here for more details and to RSVP. We’d love to see you there. If you decide to come along on a whim, feel free to pop by even if you haven’t RSVPed. You’ll find us when you see books!

One more sleep until ARRC 2011

I’m so excited for the Australian Romance Readers Convention like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re keen but still unsure about going, check out Decadence’s post on why you must NOT miss this event. I’ll be at the Welcome event tomorrow night, so please grab me and introduce yourself. (You may have to do this a few times—I have trouble remember names when I’m meeting a lot of new people at once.) A few unofficial social things to think about:

Awards night bling off – If you’re coming along to dinner on Saturday night, don’t forget your blingy accessories. It doesn’t have to be overboard (unless you’re a serious contender for the title of Queen Bling)—it just has to sparkle in some fashion or other. It doesn’t even have to be formal. Bring on the Bedazzlers!

Pyjama party – Still no word from the Organising Committee on whether or not they were able to organise a room for a pyjama party after cocktails tomorrow night. If the OC doesn’t have anything planned, I’m happy to host a party in my room. I’ll post details tomorrow, once I’ve checked in, both here on the blog and on Twitter.

#arrc2011 – This is the Twitter hashtag we’re using. If you don’t have Twitter, you can follow the tweets here instead.

Bucket of books – If I can organise it, I’ll bring along a tub of books that I’m happy to give away to other readers. We’ll see how the great bookshelf purge is coming along by tomorrow.

Four more books confirmed in Guild Hunter series

Nalini Singh confirned today via Twitter that she’ll be writing four more books in the Guild Hunter series. (I’m assuming this means four more after Dmitri’s story, scheduled for release this year.) There are no release dates yet for the extra books.

Redeem your Borders and A&R vouchers soon

RedGroup administrators have announced that customers have until April 3 to redeem existing gift vouchers. They will not be redeemed under any circumstances after this date. (Source: Bookseller+Publisher)

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