Vodcast: ARRA hangout with Julia Quinn

Earlier today, one of my favourite historical romance authors, Julia Quinn, hung out with members of the Australian Romance Readers Association via Google Play. I was lucky enough to participate in the conversation, and you can watch the broadcast below.

And if for some reason you can’t watch the video, let me summarise the two most important pieces of information you need to know:

1. The Bridgerton epilogues will be rereleased later this year as a compilation, first as an ebook and then in print.

2. If you want to see Julia Quinn in Australia, you need to lobby HarperCollins: Facebook | Twitter

If you can’t view the embedded video, click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Thanks so much to ARRA, Julia Quinn and Louise Sherwin-Stark from Google, who hosted the hangout!


  1. Ms.L says:

    Great video, really fun to watch! I have recently bought two of Julia’s book so I’m even more excited to read them now after listening to her experiences.

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