Vodcast: Books with romantic elements recommended for Aussie Author Month 2012

Kate and Kat talk about their favourite Australian romance authors. Part 10 (final) of a series of vodcasts for Aussie Author Month 2012.

In this series, Kate and I talk about some of our favourite Australian romance authors, with some digression into our to-be-read lists. In our final vodcast for this series, we talk about our favourite books with romantic elements and why we love them so much.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the bit where we talk about tentacle porn ended up on the cutting room floor.

If you can’t see the video below, click here to view it directly on YouTube. It runs for just under 10 minutes.

Again, thanks to Ben Reynolds, who recorded these vodcasts for us.

Reading list

2011 Aussie Author Month - MapThis is a complete list of the authors and books we mention in the video, and I’ve indicated which ones are recommended reads.

Colleen McCullough

Dominic Knight

Krissy Kneen

Melina Marchetta

Narelle M. Harris

If you have more recommendations for Australian authored books with romantic elements, we’d love to know!


  1. Kaetrin says:

    Thank you Kate and Kat for this series.  I’ve just finished listening to all of them.  I have a list of recs to add to my TBR and it was a really fun video series to listen to.  :)

  2. Kat says:

    Glad you enjoyed them! :D We had fun doing the vodcasts, so I can’t even pretend we suffered for our art (if you can call extemporaneous book pimping in any way artistic).

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