Vodcast: Historical romance recommendations for Aussie Author Month 2012

Kate and Kat talk about their favourite Australian romance authors. Part 3 of a series of vodcasts for Aussie Author Month 2012.

So now we get to the fun part. In this next series of vodcasts, Kate and I talk about some of our favourite Australian romance authors, with some digression into our—okay, my—to-be-read pile.

We’ve grouped  our chats into romance subgenres and this first one is our favourite—historical romance. See if you can guess our favourite authors!

If you can’t see the video below, click here to view it directly on YouTube. It runs for just over 13 minutes.

Again, our most effusive gratitude to Ben Reynolds, who recorded this marathon session for us.

Reading list

2011 Aussie Author Month - MapThis is a complete list of the authors and books we mention in the video, and I’ve indicated which ones are recommended reads.

Anna Campbell

Anne Gracie

Christina Brooke/Christine Wells

Sara Bennett

Sophia James

Stephanie Laurens

Which Aussie authors of historical romance would you recommend, and which of their books should we start with? We’d love to know!


  1. Hi Kath and Kate,

    I approve of your choices, these Aussie authors are terrific. Naughty of me to say it, but Anne Gracie and Anna Campbell are my two favourites, love their work.

    You did miss a few published Aussie historical authors including Anna Jacobs, Anne Whitfield, Tricial McGill, and myself.  Not only are we historical romances authors, but many of our novels are set in Australia.


    Margaret Tanner.     

  2. Kat says:

    Thanks, Margaret! I’m coming to realise that my track record for reading Aussie authors is actually quite abysmal. In my defence, there are so many that I’m struggling just to keep up with new releases by authors I know, let alone try new ones. I also need to add a disclaimer that I rarely read romance fiction (even with romantic elements)—I mostly read specifically within the historical romance subgenre.

    That said, I’d love more historical romances set in Australia, so I’ll definitely be checking your list out.

  3. Hi Kat,
    Nice of you to answer so promptly. I love reading and writing historical romance, especially those set in Australia.  I have to say I am not really into the Regency period. Victorian England is good.



  4. Marg says:

    Lots of fun listening to this video too. I am woefully lacking in reading Aussie Historical Romance authors too. Have read and liked Anna Campbell, but only recently read and enjoyed my first Anne Gracie novel. Haven’t actually read any of the others you mentioned – for example, Stephanie Laurens! Gasp! 

    I have actually read one of Anne Whitfield’s books, but it should be mentioned that her books may also be published under the name Anne Brear. I do also have an Anna Jacobs book out from the library at the moment! 

  5. Great vodcast! I haven’t read much historical fiction by Australian authors, but I highly recommend Anna Jacobs who has over 60 titles on the market i believe. I recently read her Swan River Colony series and am also following the Trader’s Series both set in WA during early settlement. I’ve read 5 of her books now and every single one has a strong, intelligent and likeable heroine who have some mighty challenges to overcome to find happiness.

    Check out her titles @ Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/237098.Anna_Jacobs


  6. Kaetrin says:

    I’m woefully behind on your vodcasts Kat & Katy! 
    I have The Perfect Rake on my keeper shelf too.  I loved how Gideon saw Patience as beautiful and didn’t understand why everyone else thought she was plain.   I mean what girl wouldn’t want her significant other to think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world!!
    I loved Devil’s Bride and most of the earlier Cynster books and the Bastion Club books too but I must say her later releases have been a struggle for me.  I have quit listening to Laurens on audio as my annoyance factor was too high.  She has a habit of using 3 adjectives for everything and it got a bit much for me after a while. Also, too many uses of the work “evoke” or “evocative”.  Having said that, Devil’s Bride, An Ideal Wife (I may have got that wrong – it is Honoria’s brother Michael Anstruther-Weatherby’s book), and On a Wicked Dawn  and Tony’s book from the Bastion Club are some of  my favourites and they remain so. 
    As for Scandal’s birth and the circumstances surrounding it – well there is a kind of explanation in his book (which is book 3 I think) but it didn’t really get fully explained – so there is still a lingering confusion there :)
    I haven’t read a lot of Anna Campbell or the other authors you mentioned but I’m certainly interested in what you think of the Sophia James book (notwithstanding that’s she’s from New Zealand!).
    thx for the vodcast ladies.

  7. Kat says:

    Marg — I only read my first Stephanie Laurens this year, so I’m pretty bad myself.

    Jayne — Thanks. :-) I’ve tried Anna Jacobs a few times, but I didn’t find her books romancey enough. At best, she’d be historical fiction with romantic elements. I do wish we could get a few Australian historical romances. I haven’t read one that’s squarely within the genre.

    Kaetrin — That’s the aspect of The Perfect Rake that won me over. I love that Gideon was genuinely baffled by how blind to Patience’s beauty everyone around him was. As for the Cynsters, I don’t think there’s any possible way that Laurens can justify breaking the HEA in The Promise In A Kiss (even though it was a prequel–she should’ve just written a book outside the series instead of characters that she knows will later have adultery between them).

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