Welcome to Gabby and Jodi and did you spot the bloggers at the DBSA podcast?

Welcome to Gabby and Jodi and did you spot the bloggers at the DBSA podcast?
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The not-so-secret seven…

Despite the fact that I haven’t been able to keep up with our regular posting schedule these past few weeks—blame the day job, lurgies, and book events—several exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Book Thingo!

First, I want to welcome Gabby and Jodi (@JodiMcA) to the Book Thingo team! I’m so chuffed that they’ve agreed to review for Book Thingo.

Gabby co-hosted the recent Throbbing Hearts Trivia Night in Sydney and she also blogs at Orchid and Peach Cocktails. You can read her first review for Book Thingo here, and you can bet I’ll be sending many more smuttylicious books her way!

Jodi wanders the world presenting papers on virgins. I’m not even making that up. She is our official Virgin Hornypants Specialist, and she’ll be reviewing category romances. You can read her first review for Book Thingo here. I also recorded a podcast with Jodi and author Ainslie Paton and it’ll be up as soon as I work out the technological thingos. Jodi also loves theatre, and you can find her theatre reviews at Australian Stage and at Theatre From The Back Seat.

Book Thingo bloggers chat with Sarah Wendell

Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books recorded a podcast at the Melbourne Writers Festival, and she spoke to a couple of Book Thingo bloggers. Envyious and Jen are both interviewed in An Interview With Awesome Australian Readers. I’d have been disappointed that there was no mention of tentacle porn, but numerous penis-bombs more than makes up for it.


  1. Envyious says:

    oh alright, I listened to it … then I heard shrieking and realised it was me horrified at what I sound like to other people! lol it was nicely edited though ha

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