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Host: Kat Mayo | Audio producer : Rudi Bremer | Logo design: Clarisse Djaja

EP 44. Mutually pleasurable — Dr Lauren Rosewarne

EP 43. Bonus: A podcast about podcasts — Rudi Bremer

EP 42. Beautifully written books with a story — Fiona Lowe

EP 41. Sex and love and messy relationships — Danielle Binks

EP 40. I want some fun books — Diem Nguyen

EP 39. Bonus: 2nd anniversary special — Sophie Ly, Vassiliki Veros, Mel, Rudi Bremer and Gabby

EP 38. Context is everything — Amber Bardan

EP 37. The space between the book and the reader — C.S. Pacat

EP 36. Demand resistance — Courtney Milan

EP 35. #SWF17 recap: I’m fancy af — Danielle Binks, Lauren Anderson, Rudi Bremmer and Gabby

Ep 34. Audiobooks are a transformative medium — Kaetrin Allen

EP 33. Life after The Hating Game — Sally Thorne

EP 32. Recap: Australian Romance Readers Convention 2017 — Rudi Bremer

EP 31. Silver foxes and heroines over 40 — Sandra Antonelli

EP 30. A passion you can’t make up — Diane Robson (ARRC 2017) and Penny Rudge (FYM 2017)

EP 29. We’re not collecting those stories — Honey de Peralta

EP 28. The winners write history — Charles Tan

EP 27. They expect you to do weird stuff — Katrina Ramos Atienza and Ronald S. Lim

EP 26. Juggling lab work and the love work — Suzette de Borja and Six de los Reyes

EP 25. Be everything to someone — Mina V. Esguerra

EP 24. Comfort reads — Rudi Bremer & Gabby

EP 23. Official librarian language — Adele Walsh

EP 22. What the best of romance can be — Stacey Agdern

EP 21. Someone in your corner — Alex Adsett

EP 20. Cross-pollination of interests — Adele Walsh & Claire Parnell

EP 19. Genre slayer — Sheri Cobb South

EP 18. Every work of fiction is political — Alyssa Cole

EP 17. Be very afraid — Kat Mayo (hosted by Rudi Bremer & Gabby)

EP 16. Desperation and Starbucks — Tessa Dare

EP 15. Readers are the new gatekeepers — Wendy the Superlibrarian

EP 14. No cheerleaders in baseball — Melanie Scott

EP 13. Romance writers are in a universe of their own — Anita Heiss

EP 12. We need words to be stimulated — Rudi Bremer & Gabby

EP 11. The assumption of optimism — Graeme Simsion

EP 10. Praise hands emojis — Rudi Bremer & Gabby

EP 9. Books are vibrant social objects — Beth Driscoll

EP 8. Open the book to page 110 — Kat Mayo

EP 7. Love-O-Meter — Lisa Fletcher

EP 6. How can it be work? — Shona Husk

EP 5. He caught something, but it wasn’t love — Ainslie Paton & Jodi McAlister, Part 2

EP 4. Love is an STD — Ainslie Paton & Jodi McAlister, Part 1

EP 3. Horrific planning on my part — Julia Quinn

EP 2. These people just need a cuddle — Sarah Wendell & Kate Cuthbert, Part 2

EP 1. You can’t get the right cheese — Sarah Wendell & Kate Cuthbert, Part 1

Book Thingo podcast, Artwork by Clarisse Djaja (2005)

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